Walking Tips

Walk for Welless

Walking provides incredible health benefits like feel-good endorphins to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. Going for a stroll with a friend or a group helps set aside feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Walking boosts circulation and helps lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. It loosens stiff joints, eases muscle tension, tones the body, and keeps weight in check.

Any physical exercise helps our mental health. It can be as simple as walking around the block!



Please read out tips to ensure you have a fun and safe walk

Plan Your Walk

Plan you walk course befor you start to ensure a smooth walk.

Check the Weather

Check your local weather to ensure that is not too hot to walk.

Stay COVID Safe

Make sure you are COVID-19 safe, and follow government and event staff safety guideliness. 

Stay Hydrated

Plan your hydaration, especially for participants tackling long walks.

Safety First

Walk on the pavement or walking tracks. Please do not walk on the road.

Keep Others Informed

Inform a family or friend of your route before departure.

Remember Your Bib

For those joining our bridge walk, write your name on your bib and pin it to the front of your shirt.

Share the Journey

Enjoy yourself, tag us, and share the journey.

Have Fun!

Enjoy the day out with family and friends and walk for wellness this Mental Health Month!